Top Body Worn Spy Cams

The market for body worn spy cameras has expanded and the selections are growing to meet your needs.  From the 1280 Video Camcorder Pen, the Spy Cam Hat Camera, the Clear Glasses Hidden Spy Camera, to the Xtremelife DVR/Battery with hidden spy camera, these cameras cover a wide range of applications.  Considering which spy camera is best for your situation is important so that you are able to record the intended events.  Whether your looking for a spy cam for personal security, playing a practical joke, recording a fun event, or you want to record actual events for undeniable evidence, choosing the correct spy cam is crucial.

1280 Video Camcorder Pen:

This pen spy cam can simplify your life with its ultra sophisticated features. You can use it to take still photos, make video, audio recordings of lectures and meetings, or place it on your desk then walk away to record events when you leave your office.  Its 8 Gb memory can store up to 30,000 images captured by the 2 mega pixel hidden camera. This pen spy cam can also works as a web cam.  The unit switches easily between still and video modes, starts and stops with a single touch, and features next generation 1280 x 960 resolution for high video quality.

Spy Cam Hat Camera:

Meet your new favorite spy cam baseball hat.  This hat camera has all the qualities you love about baseball caps, like adjustable comfort, casual good looks, defense from the sun, the ability to hide that growing bald spot, and still look cool.  Believe it or not there is more. This great looking hat has  special features: a miniature DVR to name one. With this high quality spy cam, you’ll be able to shoot video for work or play, hands-free. Next-generation technology allows it to operate easily with a single push of the included remote control so your covert work stays covert.  This Hat Spy Cam  has 4 GB of internal memory so no SD cards are needed!  Its tiny pinhole camera shoots up to 30 fps at 640×480 resolution.

Clear Glasses Hidden Spy Camera:

Sun Glasses spy cams go to the next level.  Now they can come with both clear glass for inside recording and dark lenses for outside recording. Each lens snaps conveniently in and out of the glasses frame. No need to own two different pairs of spy glasses, now KJB security brings it to you.  Designed for body-worn spy use, this camera operates in low-power-consumption mode and won’t drain your DVR battery. Pair the Clear Glasses Spy Camera with a portable DVR model for a complete spy body-worn surveillance system. With 480TV lines video resolution, a CMOS camera lens, and 5.75×43.5mm camera size this spy cam will capture activities without anyone knowing.

Xtremelife DVR/Battery:

The XtremeLife DVR features the longest-life battery on the market, allowing for up to ONE YEAR of operation on a single battery charge. This motion activated hidden spy cam features a processor that operates in “sleep mode” until motion is detected, at which time it flips on and begins recording. Ideal for locations that do not have power, or cannot run wires.  The XtremeLife camera is perfect for law enforcement and PI’s. Simply place it where you need to record wirelessly and long-term recording is needed.  You will have a portable spy cam that can be hidden on you or placed anywhere! The Xtremelife DVR/Battery is also perfect for businesses and homeowners who want to monitor areas of their property that do not have power.  Need to monitor a shed at the back of your property? Need to record events when picking up your children for a visitation? Want to record a concert? Whatever your need this spy cam has the power to get the job done!


These are a few examples of high quality body worn spy cameras that will protect what’s important to you and record what you need recorded. So whatever your need and however you need it to be hidden, there are great options to cover your body worn spy cam needs.

Workers Caught Abusing Elderly On Spy Cam

On April 19 2012 NewsOK reported that when visiting their elderly relative at the Quail Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, an Oklahoma City family noticed things missing and was convinced something was not right.  Concerned, they placed a spy cam in her room so they could see what was happening when they were not around.

The Spy cam captured video of a horrible scene.  Two employees were forcibly manhandling their loved one.

Lucy Waithira Gakunga, 23, and Caroline Kaseke, 28, are the two employees accused of the abuse and were then fired from Quail Creek and turned over to law enforcement.

Amanda Penrod the administrator of Quail Creek made a statement saying ‘as stewards of our residents’ well-being, we share in the community’s outrage over these inhumane acts.  These recent acts were individual in nature and not representative of the other 116 employees of Quail Creek who come to work every day with integrity.  We also are working closely and cooperating with local authorities to handle this most unfortunate situation.’

The video footage from the spy cam was handed over to law enforcement which allegedly shows Gakunga cramming latex gloves into the elderly patient’s mouth while Kaseke watches and in another instance shows Gakunga lifting the elderly patient into her bed and then shoving the side of the patients face until she laid down.

The home conducted their own investigation after the family showed the tape to the home of 92 residents and in a statement, Quail Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center condemned the actions of two employees accused of abusing an elderly patient and said the nursing home is assisting police.

Monday, both women were arrested for neglect by caretaker.

KJB Security A Quality USA Based Spy Cam Wholesale Manufacture

If you are in the market for a hidden camera, spy cam, or nanny cam, you obviously need a camera you can depend on.  We have found sticking with a USA manufacture is your best bet for highest quality, dependability, and customer service when you need to protecting what’s important to you.

KJB Security is one of the leading USA based wholesale distributor and manufacture of spy cams and surveillance equipment.  As the creators of the SleuthGear™ brand of hidden camera surveillance including Zone Shield, XtremeLife, Recluse, and Night Owl, as well as PC Monitoring solutions Discover It and Recover It, their corporate mission is to provide excellent service at a competitive price.

Founded in 1992 and calling Nashville, Tennessee home, KJB works endlessly to find and develop unique, quality products that every customer can depend on for their spy cam needs. Their products are designed specifically with the end user in mind, making professional level security easy for the Do-It-Yourself consumers. Innovation, honesty, and satisfied customers are the core values of their business.

Their products are distributed to retailers and government agencies around the world through exclusive KJB dealers. Over 800 dealers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and Australia are proud to be selling KJB surveillance equipment to customers around the world.

An example of one of KJB Security’s top selling hidden camera spy cams is the SC8000 SleuthGear NightOwl IR Clock Radio.  The SleuthGear™ NightOwl IR camera which allows you to see the unseen, even in the dark! The revolutionary hidden camera can see up to 20-30 feet in complete darkness and the HVR board enables internal recording of video to an SD card.

KJB Security has established a reputation as a premier wholesale manufacture in the hidden camera, spy cam, nanny can, and surveillance market through their attention to quality and never sacrificing that quality with cheap unreliable parts.

KJB Security is a proud example of a USA wholesale manufacture of hidden cameras, spy cams, and spy surveillance equipment that exceed overseas standards.  When your in a situation needing spy equipment buying from USA based wholesale manufactures is in our opinion your best option.

Spy Cams Uses and Basic Options

Spy Cams can be referred to by many different names; nanny cams, hidden cameras, and spy cams are just a few. Whichever name you want to use, the need to spy or watch a person place or thing with a camera hidden in an everyday object is a reality.  Parents of children, children of elderly parents, business owners, suspecting spouses, or a person wanting to document actual events for undeniable proof.   Whatever your need there is a spy cam made for you that will protect what’s important to you, giving you true piece of mind.

Advances in technology have made cameras smaller making them easier to conceal in everyday objects. A spy cam can be hidden inside almost any household item.  Household items that already have a power cord are often the easiest for manufactures to conceal a spy cam inside of the object.  A  DVD Player,  Table Fan, Ipod Docking Station, or a simple Wall Clock are excellent examples of common household items with a unlimited power supply that will keep the spy cams operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are also spy cams that have an internal power source, motion activated and are self recording that make the spy camera very mobile and convert. Being motion activated is a important feature for these spy cams saving battery life. The Teddy Bear nanny cam is a perfect example of a spy cam that has an internal power source, self recording and motion activated.

Then the question comes into play, how do you want to record and view the video the hidden camera captures?  There are a few options here depending on your needs.

A wired spy cam is one option.  Wired cameras have a video cable that runs from the camera to your recording or viewing device such as a DVR, VCR or monitor.  If you have an area where you can conceal wires and your recording device, this is probably your most inexpensive option.

Wireless hidden cameras are your next option.  Wireless cameras have a built-in transmitter that sends the video signal to a receiver. The receiver connects to your recording or viewing device.  The camera sends wireless “real time” video to the receiver.  Being able to put your spy cam in a place and wirelessly send the video to your recording device frees up the where you can covertly place your camera, but you still need to conceal the recording or viewing device.  There are many situations when this is not a problem and will do the job very well.

Self recording spy cameras are very popular.  With a built in DVR recording the video onto an SD card, these spy cameras are a very popular and versatile way of protecting what’s important to you.  You simply insert the SD card into the self recording spy cam.  Place it where you want to record the action and turn it on.  No wires and no receivers Everything you need in one package.

Do you want to view what is happening from your smart phone?  WI-FI spy cams are also available so you can see the unseen from anywhere you have an internet connection.  WI-FI cameras can plug directly into your computer or DVR. They use an IP address to transmit video through a network.  Because WI-FI spy cams can connect to any computer, DVR or existing network little to no additional hardware is required, reducing your system cost.  Know when your kids are home safe after school or if someone is outside your home when your not there.

No matter what you call them, spy cams, hidden cameras, or nanny cams, they are growing in popularity.  They can be concealed in almost any object, the video can be stored on to a SD card, or viewed live on your smart phone. These hidden cameras will watch your children, your elderly parent, and document actual events for undeniable proof giving you eyes to see the unseen.

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