Hidden Camera Grant Helps Fight Elder Abuse

The York weekly @ seacoastonline in Maine, reported that the York County Elder Abuse Task Force has received a $5,000 grant from the Huntington Common Charitable Fund, administered by the Kennebunk Savings Bank Foundation, to fund a hidden camera project meant to curb elder abuse.

“It is estimated that there are over 12,000 cases of elder abuse in Maine each year,” Eliot Police Officer Candace Simeoni, who is chairperson of the task force, said. “Maine is the ‘oldest’ state in the nation. By 2030, 27 percent of our population will be over the age of 65.

“Elder abuse can come in many forms, including physical, emotional, psychological, financial, neglect and even sexual abuse,” Simeoni said.

Karen Connolly, a case worker for Adult Protective Services at the Department of Health and Human Services in Biddeford said “The number of referrals (for cases of elder abuse) is on the rise,” she said. “I’m not sure if that means there are more actual cases or that people are becoming more educated and aware, which means they are reporting them more.”

Mike Moloney, vice president and retail market manager of Kennebunk Savings Bank, explains how the hidden camera project came about:

“At our Annual Meeting two years ago we had a retired detective from the Portland PD come and speak to us about a case she had worked on in a senior housing facility. With the aid of a hidden camera she was able to stop a series of thefts from the residents that had been going on for some time. Because of budget constraints this equipment is not immediately available to every police department in York County, so the Task Force decided that we would take that on as our project for the year, and raise funds for the equipment.”

With the cameras, Simeoni said, “We feel that we can not only assist our law enforcement officers in investigating these cases, but more importantly send a very clear message to abusers that these tools are now available to protect our senior citizens.”

Though it is often hidden from the public eye, elder abuse is a common and serious problem, Lizanecz said.

“This generation of elders is very trusting, and unfortunately it’s very easy for caregivers to take advantage of that trust,” he said. Lizanecz said he’d seen all sorts of cases, from identity fraud to basic locker-room theft in hospitals, with financial abuse as the most common form of elder abuse.

Lizanecz said the cameras are cleverly disguised as inanimate objects.

“You’d never be able to tell (the object) was a hidden camera,” he said, adding that he wouldn’t describe the hidden cameras so that potential abusers would not know what to look for.

Recluse Black Box Hidden Camera Released!

On May 15th the new SluethGear Recluse Black Box Hidden Camera will be released to the public. This exclusive hidden camera system is now featuring:

• Built-in heat sensors that activate the recording unit when an intruder is detected, allowing for longer battery life.

• Invisible Infrared sensors capable of capturing action in total darkness.

• Expanded SD card storage capacity from 32Gb to 64Gb.

The Uses for the Recluse Black Box Hidden Camera by SleuthGear are never-ending; whether you want to see what is happening in your office day and night, capture activity in your home when you are away, or see if your employees are working when you’re out of the shop.  The enclosed DVR and hidden camera blend perfectly into any environment, so you can go anywhere and still record anything without attracting any attention.   Get the answers you need with the Recluse Black Box Hidden Camera.

How Do Hidden Spy Cameras Work?

Hidden spy camera technology can be very confusing and it can seem so overwhelming you don’t even try to understand how it works.  We are going to break it down and make it very easy to understand.  There are exceptions for this basic explanation but understanding the basics will make those exceptions easier to understand.

There are three basic components that make a hidden spy camera : 1) the camera,2) a recording device ( VCR or DVR), and 3) a monitor to watch your recorded video.

1)      The camera is pretty simply to understand. It is usually a board camera installed in an everyday object. You want the object to blend into its surroundings and there are hundreds of choices ranging from DVD players, any kind of clock you can think of, iPod docking stations, plants, picture frames, tissue boxes, and the list goes on for you to choose from.

The camera can be wired, which means your spy camera connects directly to your recording device (DVR or VCR) using a cable. The spy camera can also be wireless. A wireless spy camera has a built in transmitter, which transmits a signal to a receiver that is connected to your recording device.

2)      The recording device is the DVR or VCR which is needed to record the video your spy camera captures.

3)      The monitor is needed to watch your video. Just plug your DVR or VCR into your monitor to view the video.  Your camera captures the video, your recording device records what the camera captures, and you monitor is what you watch the video on.

If you are using a DVR card and have a computer, then the DVR card will turn your computer into a DVR and monitor.

A very simple hidden spy camera to use is the self-recording spy camera. These units have a built in DVR, so there are no wires or receivers to connect.  Just place the self-recording hidden spy camera in place, turn it on and the unit will record the video onto a SD card.  Pop out the SD card, plug it into a computer and watch your video. Very simple.

This will give you a better understanding on how a hidden spy camera works so when it comes time to purchase one you have a better understanding of what you will need and how it works.

Hidden Camera Finds Honest Business Man

In Scotch Plains, NJ Doug Lynch is the owner of A-1 Basement Solutions. Mr. Lynch was one of eight contractors called by the Today Show to check a woman’s house for mold was part of an hidden camera undercover investigation by Rossen Reports on whether mold contractors are charging for unneeded work.

Five of the dishonest contractors said she had a mold problem and was charging up to $10,000 to clean it up. Three of them said she didn’t have mold.

Doug Lynch was the only contractor to actually do the test to determine that there wasn’t mold in the house.

It is a simple test but very effective one. It’s done with what Lynch calls a mold stick – it’s a plastic tube that encases a cotton swab. At the top is a plastic vial in a bulb shape. Lynch bends the bulb to crack the seal, and then a chemical wets the cotton swab, turning it green. He rubs the swab on the suspected mold. If the swab stays green, it’s not mold. If it turns gray, it’s dormant mold. If it turns purple, it’s active mold.

After testing the suspected areas twice, Lynch told the woman she definitely did not have mold in her home.

“We conduct all of our business with honesty and integrity that can withstand hidden camera investigation,” he said. “This is why we have an A-plus rating with Better Business Bureau. It’s why we’re on Angie’s List’s honor roll – because we always do exemplary work.”

In today’s news you tend to hear all bad news and bad reports of businesses.  The Today Show used a hidden camera to show that there are honest businesses out there too.  Hidden cameras are a needed tool for every home and business to find the GOOD and bad.

SluethGear IP Hidden Cameras

The high quality line of SluethGear Hidden Cameras is not only very popular for hidden home surveillance, but they just keep getting better.  In addition to all-digital transmissions, which eliminate wireless interference; SleuthGear hidden cameras are now available with an IP Receiver.

This IP receiver is special for a number of reasons.  Its advance recording options and extreme ease of use will first grab your attention.  The IP receiver is a completely standalone receiver that does not require a computer.  The IP Receiver plugs directly into your wireless router (internet connection is required), so you will not have to download software to transmit your video wirelessly to the receiver (which also functions as a DVR).  This allows you to not only record your video to an SD card (Back-up SD storage up to 32GB), but you can also stream your video live on your computer or smart phone.  The SD card is also put into a lock box with keys so the SD card cannot be removed

Sleuthgear hidden cameras are better than ever with a IP receiver that will cover all your needs.  These units come highly recommended for your hidden camera surveillance needs.

Feuding Spouses Using Spy Cams During Divorce

The spy cam has become a pivotal instrument for feuding spouses. Divorce lawyers have seen spy cam technology playing an important role in their cases.

According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, with more than 80 percent of the nation’s top divorce attorneys say they’ve seen an increase in the role electronic data and social networking sites play in divorces.

One of the major reasons is that do-it-yourself surveillance has become relatively cheap and easy. Spy cams can cost less than $300 and you can purchase a spy cam in almost any object in your home.  A wall clock, iPod docking station, backpack, or smoke detector are just a few popular items you can find a spy can installed into.

Lawyers are instructing divorcing couples to purchase a hidden spy camera to place in an area where they can record custody exchange of the children.  If the exchange happens in an outside area, a body worn camera makes recording mobile.   We have even heard of teddy bear hidden cameras being given to the children so events can be recorded when the suspicious spouse is not around.

Feuding spouses and lawyers do not want to leave anything to chance.  The “he said, she said” game cannot be played when video evidence has the undeniable proof.  With the ease of use and quality they bring spy cams are a major tool lawyers and parents are using in divorce proceedings.

Spy Cam Sales Are Growing!

The use of a hidden camera spy cam for home surveillance is growing at a high rate.  When it comes to answering those unanswered question, hiring a private investigator can be very expensive.   So like most do it yourselfers buying a hidden camera has become the most economical and efficient way to answer those questions.

When you hear the saying “all is fair in love and war” ex-spouses and current spouses are using the ever improving spy cam technology to find out the facts.  But this is just one of many uses that give answers to those unanswered questions.

You’re at work until 5:00pm and the kids get home at 3:00pm from school, are they home safely? Mom is in a nursing facility and she seems to be scared of her nurses. Her property keeps coming up missing.  Are the contractors working or going through your belongings?  Are my employees working or goofing off?  Need evidence that it really is happening?  These are just a few more reasons spy cam sales are growing.

Everyone has seen and heard of the teddy bear spy cam, but today spy cams can be purchased in almost any common household product and come with amazing features and clarity.  Night vision to see what’s happening in a dark room, built in digital video recorders (DVR), and yes you can even stream your video live on the internet to see the action from work or your smart phone.

Need to blend your spy camera into your home office?  They come in wall clocks, deck clocks, pencil sharpeners, lamps, fans, iPod docking stations, and air fresheners to name a few. A quick search on the internet will bring you hundreds of spy cam styles and options to fit any room in your home.

Nanny Cams What Is More Important Than Your Child’s Safety

With times being the way they are, more parents are using hidden spy cameras in their home to keep an eye on their children. The peace of mind knowing your children are being properly cared for by the people you have trusted with their safety.  Recent studies have reported that a 50% increase in the sales of hidden cameras known as spy cams or nanny cams. So here’s the question,  is this a good idea? Well how important is your children’s safety and your peace of mind?

Obviously nothing is nothing more important than our children and the peace of mind that a nanny cam can bring.  There are a number of nanny cams available.  They are available in almost any type of household item and with any option. Kitchen clock, DVD player, plant, fan, air purifier, look around your house and cameras are built into something from any and every room.   These spy cams are fairly inexpensive in comparison to large home security systems and are very effective at keeping an eye on your child. There are and will always be moments when you have to leave your child with someone that you don’t know quite as well, when your normal nanny is unavailable.  Having a nanny cam will give you that peace of mind knowing they are being cared for properly.

Spy cams are also very effective for other reasons other than keeping an eye on your children.  Here are a few examples of how a hidden camera spy cams can give you true peace of mind:  Is the contractor working at your home stealing from you.  Is the house cleaner cleaning, or having guest over.  Your teenagers gets out of school an hour before you get home from work and you want to make sure they are home safe.  Someone keeps dumping garbage on your lawn.  Papers on your desk seem to be moved every morning. Are your employees working or stealing from you.

A few high quality nanny cams, spy cams, and hidden cameras that will protect what’s important to you:

Protect what’s important to you with a nanny cam, spy cam, or hidden camera for home.

How Do I Set Up My SleuthGear Digital WI-FI Remote View Spy Cam Using Windows?

So you purchased a SleuthGear WI-FI Hidden Camera spy cam and would like step by step instructions to set up the remote view option.  It seems complicated but following these simple instructions can guide any do-it-yourselfer through the process.  Just go step by step and soon you will be viewing your video live from anywhere you have a internet connection.

  1. Connect the receiver to your router or modem with the provided ethernet cable. If you have a router and a modem connect the receiver to the router.
  1. Install “DVR Finder” from the cd to your Windows computer. Make sure your computer is connected (wireless or hardwired) to the same router the receiver is connected to.
  1. In DVR Finder click the search box on the right hand side. If nothing comes up power cycle the router and receiver. Wait until you establish an internet connection then try again.
  1. When DVR Finder locations the receiver under Device Name it will read Video Server with the IP address to the right. (Write down the IP the address on a sheet of paper and label it receiver IP address. You will need this information later)
  1. Click on Video Server in DVR Finder and it will highlight the whole line blue. Then click Connect DVR on the right under Search.
  1. A web browser will now open with a log in box asking for a user name and password. Put in “root” for the user name and “root” for the password and click Ok.
  1. The next screen will show the cameras image. If it the image says “disconnected” or “camera out of range” repair the camera and receiver and the image will come up.
  1. Click “Control Panel Login” below the image. The control panel is where you can access recorded video, change video settings, network settings, etc.
  1. Click “Network Setup” on the left side then click “Type” below. Here you will see “Sever Port: 80”. This will come in to play later.
  1. Now you need to access the port forwarding section of your router to allow the video to broadcast to the internet. It is recommended to open port 30,000 or above. Please consult the manufacturer for the router or router manual for details as to where this section is.
  1. You can also go to www.portforward.com to find step by step instructions on access the port forward section of your router. On portforward.com scroll to the bottom and find your router model number and click on it. On the next screen in the top left corner click “Click here to skip this advertisement…” On the next screen click the orange “Default Guide” in the last sentence. Here you will find step by step instructions on how to open a port for your router. When selecting the port number or port range use port 30000 to 30001. For the IP address find the piece of paper with the IP address you wrote down for step 4.
  1. After completing the port forwarding process next is to check and see if the port is open by going to http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ . On this screen you will see your external IP address “69.x.x.x”. Write this down on a sheet of paper and label it “External IP Address” Every router has its own IP address just like your house has its own address.
  2. Now delete Port Number 80 and put in Port Number 30000 then click “Check”.
  3. If it says Port 30000 is open you set it up correctly! If it says closed check your port forward setting again because the port isn’t open.
  4. Go back to the cameras “Control Panel” and go back to “Network Setup : Type” where you left off on number 9.
  5. Change the “Server Port” to 30000 and click “Save”.
  1. Now that port 30000 in your router is open and your receiver is sending the video feed through port 30000 your video is now being broadcasted to the internet.
  1. To view the video feed when you are away from your receiver open your internet browser on a computer or smart phone.
  1. Where you would type in a website address put in the external IP address you wrote down on step number 12 “69.x.x.x”. Then put a colon “:” and the port number “30000”. “69.x.x.x:30000”.
  1. A log in box will come up asking for a user name and password. Put in “root” for the user name and “root” for the password.
  1. Now the cameras live stream image will be displayed. Click on “Control Panel” to access the recorded video and camera settings.

Congratulations your done! That wasn’t that bad. Now sit back and view your spy cam video feed LIVE!

5.8 GHz Wireless Spy Camera System

If you’re looking for an Interference free wireless spy camera, this 5.8 GHz spy camera is the latest system and is perfect whether you need a nanny cam, hidden camera for home, granny cam, or business security system.

This is the next-generation digital technology.  5.8Ghz circuitry will ensures no lost video due to external wireless devices, such as WiFi, wireless routers, and cordless phones. The transmitter uses the 5800MHz (5.8GHz) channels to help eliminate interference and has a range of up to 50m.

Setting up this unit is effortless.  Simply connect the included AC adapter to the camera, and then attach the wireless receiver to the VCR or television.  That’s all there is to it.

Just like other spy cameras it is easily concealed. Spy camera surveillance has never been easier.  The spy cameras tiny size makes hiding not a problem.  Hide in a plant, a book, a car, garage, or your office, the only requirement is to make sure the small lens is facing the desired target.  When properly placed, the wide camera angle will give you a complete view of a normal size room. Best of all, for covert needs in mind, the kit includes 9v battery clips to allow the camera to be powered via 9v battery instead of requiring an AC adapter.


Receiving frequency: 5.8GHz

Power: DC 8V/800mA

Camera: Color 380 Line CMOS


Size: 115 x 60 x 20 mm

Weight: 150 g

Power consumption: < 2 Watts


Unit Includes

1 Full Color Miniature 5.8GHz Wireless Video Camera

1 Perfectly Matched 5.8GHz Wireless Receiver

1 Video Cable For Receiver To VCR/TV Hook Up

2 AC Adapters (1 for camera, 1 for receiver)

1 9v Adapter (for camera)