36 Million Faces In One Second

We found and wanted to share some information found at “DIGINFOTV” that was amazing.

Hitachi Kokusai Electric developed a high tech surveillance system that can search through data on 36 million faces in one second. Yes 36 million faces in one second!  Amazing!!  The system can automatically detect a face from either surveillance footage or a regular photo, and search for it.

Once the scan is complete the search results are then displayed immediately.   The system will show thumbnail images of potential candidates. Once a thumbnail is selected, the associated recorded surveillance footage can be viewed, so users can quickly review the persons actions before and after the image was taken. With the system, it’s assumed that faces are turning within around 30 degrees in the horizontal and vertical directions from the camera, and the faces are at least 40 x 40 pixels in size.

Hitachi Kokusai Electric say the high speed is achieved by detecting faces through image recognition when the footage from the camera is recorded, and also by grouping similar faces.  They think this system is very suitable for customers that have a relatively large-scale surveillance system, such as railways, power companies, law enforcement, and large stores.  Hitachi Kokusai Electric plans to release this system next fiscal year.  They’ll be handling each project individually.

Our first thought is how this technology could help with finding children taken at highly populated places like train stations, malls, or fun parks and return them to their families.  This amazing technology developed by  Hitachi Kokusai Electric will help large businesses, cities, large event security, and law enforcement protect what’s important to them.  36,000,000 faces in 1 second, surveillance for immediate answers and actions.

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