Alarm Clock Spy Camera

An alarm clock spy camera is one of the newest devices on the market designed to hide a camera in your home. You can use it to monitor the activities of your spouse or another family member who is currently staying in the home. It can also help protect you against burglars who may try to come in and snatch your belongings. There are some things you should keep in mind when shopping for the right type of hidden cameras, especially those designed to look like a regular alarm clock.

The first thing you want to think about is the image quality. If you are investing in hidden cameras, you will definitely want those that will produce high quality images for you to look back on. It would be pointless to have a camera in your home if are not able to determine who is snooping around. It is recommended that you select one that takes 30 frames per second or contains 380 lines of resolution. Settings such as these are what many private investigators use in their own professional environment.

Next, consider whether you want the alarm clock spy camera to record video in color or black and white. Black and white tends to perform better in low light, so you may want to opt for that choice over color if you will be depending on your hidden camera at night. Color can be chosen if you will be relying on the device in the daytime.

You will also want to make sure that the alarm clock spy camera does indeed look like an alarm clock. It needs to have a radio, snooze button, and all of the other features that come on most clocks. If it does not have these, it could quickly be noticed as something else. Even if some of the features do not work, you want it to appear to be an alarm clock as much as possible.

Check into the method of storage for the alarm clock spy cameras you are thinking about buying. Make sure it has a storage option that will be easy to use. Most people prefer hidden cameras to be a DVR and use a micro SD card that is included with the device. The slot for these tiny memory cards will be smaller and less noticeable than the openings for the standard sized SD cards.

Overall, the best thing to do when shopping for an alarm clock spy camera is to decide your needs. If you want to use it during the night to catch a thief trying to steal your valuable items while you are asleep, you will want to purchase one that has significant features for low light. On the other hand, if you will just be using it during the day to keep your possessions safe, you can be a bit lax on some of the requirements for your hidden cameras.

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