Bush Baby 2 Rocket Clock Hidden Camera

The latest Bush Baby hidden camera product is perfect for the future astronaut in your home. Not only will your children love the rocket ship design of the clock, but it even projects varying space images onto a nearby wall or ceiling. Capable of showing the images with or without the time, your children will love their new clock… without them or anyone else ever realizing that it’s recording every moment.

The BB2 Rocket Clock Hidden Camera features a built in DVR with support for either 16GB or 32GB internal memory (choose from drop down). With the ability to take still images, a straight recording mode, and even a motion detection mode you’ll be sure to capture every moment. Since the device plugs in via an AC adapter, there’s no need to worry about battery life or recharging, simply plug the power in and it’s ready to record right away.


  • Functioning projection clock
  • Motion detection
  • Built in clock
  • Projection feature projects both time and space images onto ceiling or wall
  • Adjustable angle on projector
  • Rocket ship design
  • Digital clock displays 12 or 24 hour with alarm and snooze functions

Technical Specs

  • Storage: Internal 16GB or 32GB – Choose via drop-down
  • Resolution: 1280 x 960 @ Up to 30FPS
  • Viewing angle: 72 degrees
  • Power supply: 120V*


  • 1 BB2Rocket Clock
  • 1 DVR Remote
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Clock instruction booklet
  • 1 DVR instruction booklet

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