New SleuthGear Quad Hidden Cameras

KJB Security Products from Nashville Tennessee is a market leader in manufacturing covert spy cameras.  With their high quality SleuthGear line, it is hard to believe they could improve and add a new segment to their top of the line brand, but they have.

The new SleuthGear Quad hidden cameras have been released to the market.   With the SleuthGear Quad you get all wireless options with one receiver! These new receivers feature SD recording capability for recording, USB and RCA connections, and give the user easy remote view via a weblink. Plus both allow quad viewing! Choose QUAD and connect to your TV or monitor. Choose a QUAD LCD model and you will get a built-in video screen for viewing.

With These Quad models, viewing your captured video action is a breeze with many options. First if you choose, you can record onto a SD card (Get 64 plus hours of recording time with 32Gb SD card). Next you can use the included RCA connections to hook up to your TV or use the included USB connector to watch on your computer.  Or if you wish you can view your video live via a weblink.

Believe it or not that is not all.  You may also choose QUAD view and view four hidden cameras recording on the same screen. That means you can purchase four hidden cameras to blend into four different rooms and view them in quad view in one location.  If you choose (and we suggest) you can purchase a SleuthGear Quad LCD unit and a monitor is included!

The Quad view units come in many everyday items.  The Night Owl Oscillating Fan is my favorite, but you have an alarm clock radio, air purifier, mantle clock, video picture frame, and smoke detector to choose from just to name a few.

Check out some of these Specs:

  • Receiver:
  • Channel Pairing: 4 Tx to 1 Rx
  • Channels Hopping: 53CH for NTSC / 18CH for PAL
  • Frequency: 2408.625 ~ 2470.5 MHz
  • Transmission distance: 150M (line of sight)
  • Recording File Format: .TL4 (playback with bundled ASP4 Software)
  • Recording Storage: SD card (Support up to 32GB)
  • Recording Mode: Schedule Motion / Schedule Continuous / Panic /
  • Resolution / Frame Rate: 640×480 / Quad View 640×480@30fps per Channel 1CH Recording / 4CH Quad Recording
  • USB Connection: Yes, with bundled ASP4 Software for Remote View
  • Power: 12V
  • Power Consumption: 12V 280mA
  • Operating temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C (32°F ~ 104°F) Transmitter
  • Transmitter
  • Channels Hopping: 24 channels
  • Frequency: 2408.625 ~ 2470.5 MHz
  • Power Consumption: 12V 270mA (with camera) 12V 120mA (w/o camera)
  • Power: 12V
  • Resolution / Frame Rate: 640×480@30fps
  • Transmission distance: 150M (line of sight)

IF you’re looking for  hidden cameras, spy cameras, or nanny cams or want to check out the new SleuthGear Quad for high quality state of the art systems.


Solar Powered Insect Repeller Spy Camera

Check out this Solar powered Spy Camera Hidden Camera for home.  This Solar powered insect repeller spy camera is super sneaky and easy to hide in your yard or house.  No body will know that you are recording.

Solar Powered Spy Camera!
This solar powered insect repeller spy camera has a small pinhole camera and DVR recorder
hidden inside. This spy camera’s rechargeable battery is powered by the solar panel which
located at the top of the repeller. The spy camera has a 3 day standby time (full charged)
when using the rechargeable batteries included, Or 10 day standby time when using
4x AA Alkaline batteries.

**Standby time is an estimation predicted by very seldom activity and proper usage.
The camera’s power is turned on by body Heat detection (PIR). The camera is turned on when
body heat is detected and will automatically power off when body heat is no longer detected
for 5 minutes. There is a minimum 5 minute activation time (Battery usage) per body heat
detection. If the camera is activate continuously, the battery could run out in 1 hour
using the rechargeable batteries or 3 hours using 4x AAA batteries.

Reviewing video:
To review the video recorded by the Insect repeller spy camera simply extract the SD
Card and Plug it into your PC or MAC. The video can be played back on any Computer.
Additional software is included on the SD card. You can delete and save videos to your
computer easily. When th SD card is full, it will automatically erase the old video and
save the newest.

Camera Resolution:    640×480 
Camera Frame Rate:  12FPS(default) or 30FPS (Real-time)
Camera Clarity:          Sony Super HAD CCD 420TVL
DVR Storage:            4GB SD(default) up to 32GB SD (Optional)
Video Format:            .ASF (similar to .AVI)
Record Mode:            Motion Detect (During PIR Activation Time Only)

1x Insect repeller spy camera
1x 4GB SD Card
1x Instruction Manual

The NEW SleuthGear Covert Hidden Cameras

The SleuthGear Covert hidden cameras now include a receiver  does it all! Get every wireless option in one covert product. These new receivers feature SD recording capability, USB and  output, and gives the user easy remote view using internet access. Never have to deal with IP set-up hassles again. This Complete wireless receiver allow quad viewing and quad recording!

With SleuthGear Covert Complete Wireless you can:

• Install included software and watch video remotely via an easy access weblink

• Record locally to an SD card

• Connect via USB to your PC then watch and record

• Connect via RCA to your TV, DVR or VCR then watch and record

Unlike other covert models you can:

• Connect 1-4 cameras to one receiver

• Connect any of our SleuthGear hidden camera models

• Choose QUAD to view and record on your PC or TV/DVR

• Choose LCD and get a built-in video screen.

Product Features:

• Easy Remote view with no IP Set-up Required

• Connect and Record up to 4 cameras with Quad View

• Get 64 plus hours of recording time with 32Gb SD card

• Wireless transmission up to 700 feet with no interference

• RCA and USB Compatible

• Optional Built-in Screen with QUAD LCD models

• Add a Night Owl hidden camera for after dark recording

Product Specs:

Receiver:• Channel Pairing: 4 Tx to 1 Rx?• Channels Hopping: 53CH for NTSC / 18CH for PAL?• Frequency: 2408.625 ~ 2470.5 MHz?• Transmission distance: 150M (line of sight)?• Recording File Format: .TL4 (playback with bundled ASP4 Software)?• Recording Storage: SD card (Support up to 32GB)?• Recording Mode: Schedule Motion / Schedule Continuous / Panic /?• Resolution / Frame Rate: 640×480 / Quad View 640×480@30fps per Channel 1CH Recording / 4CH Quad Recording?• USB Connection: Yes, with bundled ASP4 Software for Remote View?• Power: 12V?• Power Consumption: 12V 280mA?• Operating temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C (32°F ~ 104°F) Transmitter• Channels Hopping: 24 channels?• Frequency: 2408.625 ~ 2470.5 MHz?• Power Consumption: 12V 270mA (with camera) 12V 120mA (w/o camera)?• Power: 12V?• Resolution / Frame Rate: 640×480@30fps?• Transmission distance: 150M (line of sight)

Product Includes:

• Receiver (with LCD screen option on QUAD LCD models) • Power Supply?• Remote Control • Remote View Software • USB Cable

SleuthGear Recluse Black Box Hidden Camera

This is the new SleuthGear Recluse Black Box.  This cam hides well at around the house or outside in a secret location for recording.  It’s shape is small and sleek.  Comes in black to hide it better.

Protect What’s Important To You!

Redesigned the Recluse Black Box, is a exclusive hidden camera system. It now features:

• Built-in heat sensors that activate the recording unit when an intruder is detected, allowing for longer battery life.

• Invisible Infrared sensors capable of capturing action in total darkness. 

• Expanded SD card storage capacity from 32Gb to 64Gb. 

Use the Recluse Black Box practically anywhere; whether you want to see activity in the office after hours or capture action when you are away from home. The enclosed DVR and camera blend perfectly into any environment, so you can go anywhere and record anything without attracting attention.   Get the answers you need with the Recluse Black Box.


  • Ideal for covert surveillance, includes remote operation
  • Automatic Heat Sensor motion detection powers DVR
  • Extra long battery life in heat sensor mode
  • 8 hours of continuous record time
  • 100 hours of standby time
  • High resolution playback up to 30 frames per second
  • Infrared camera can capture action in very low light
  • Time/Date stamp on video recording
  • Micro SD card capacity up to 64GB
  • Playback on secure proprietary software
  • Playback with A/V out


  • AV output cable
  • Li-polymer battery
  • Power adapter
  • Remote Control
  • User Manual

Hidden Camera Clears High School Football Star

NBC4 I-Team had an exclusive interview with the private investigator Freddie Parish on how he was able to obtain a confession that finally freed a former California high school football star, Brian Banks.

A hidden camera confession was a key piece of evidence in exonerating Brian Banks a 6-foot-2, 239-pound linebacker who had been scouted to play at top colleges, including the University of Southern California, when charges were brought against him ten years ago.

Last year, the former football star, from Long Beach called Parish, who runs Vantage Point Investigations, asking for his assistance to prove his innocence after he had received a friend request on Facebook from his accuser Wanetta Gibson, who told Banks she wanted to “let bygones be bygones.”

Parish jumped into action at set a plan into action to see if Gibson would admit she lied about her 2002 accusation that Banks raped her in a stairwell at school.

“There was no doubt in my mind that this young man was innocent,” said Parish.

Wanetta Gibson’s family received a $1.5 million settlement from the school district, and Banks with Gibson’s accusations staring at him, took a plea bargain that sent him to prison for five years, and then faced another five years on parole, with a GPS tracking device on his ankle.

In an effort to get a confession, Parish wired his office with hidden cameras and microphones and directed Banks to invite Gibson to his office to talk about their past.

“There’s only one chance to get the goods,” Parish said. “I mean, you gotta make it right the first time.”

Gibson took Banks’ up on the invitation, arrived at the private investigator’s Signal Hill office for a chat with her old high school crush.

“It just wasn’t true at all,” Gibson said about her rape accusation while hidden cameras were rolling.

Banks then asked Gibson to help clear his name, so he could move on with his life.

Gibson said she would help, but didn’t want to lose the $1.5 million settlement her family received from the Long Beach School District.

“I will go through with helping you, but all that money they gave us, I don’t want to have to pay it back, because that would take a long time,” she said on the video.

With Gibson on board, Parish was ready to execute the second part of his plan: He had Banks ask Gibson to return the next day to meet with the investigatore.

“I needed to get her basically to recant everything she said Brian did ten years ago,” Parish told the NBC4 I-Team. “If I let this man down, I would have to live with that the rest of my life.”

The next day Gibson returned to Parish’s office; hidden cameras were rolling. Parish then asked the critical questions about the 2002 incident between Banks and Gibson.

Parish: “Did he rape you?”

Gibson: “No, he did not rape me.”

Parish: “Did he kidnap you?”

Gibson: “No.”

When Gibson made the confession that she’d lied about her rape accusation, Parish thought to himself: “Wow. I got it.”

That confession was evidence that lawyers from the California Innocence Project needed to go back to court on Banks’ behalf.

With the hidden camera video confessions in hand, lawyer Justin Brooks got Brian Banks’ rape conviction overturned on May 24.

“The videotape is a slam dunk, in the sense that she’s recanting her testimony,” said Brooks, head of the California Innocence Project at California Western School of Law.

Now, Banks is able to finally pursue his dream of a career in pro football, thanks in large part to the work of a private investigator.

“I had a chance to make a difference in a man’s life,” Parish said.

Undercover Hidden Cameras A Premier On-line Retailer

Undercover Hidden Cameras is the premier on-line retailer for hidden cameras for home, nanny cams and hidden spy cameras.

Undercover Hidden Cameras specialize in User Friendly DIY hidden cameras for home, hidden spy cameras, and nanny cams. Disguised to look like everyday household items, every camera must be dependable and of the highest quality for Undercover Hidden Cameras to select for their customers.  These high standards are how they have established a reputation as the premier hidden camera for home, hidden spy camera, and nanny cam retail location.  They provide outstanding quality at highly competitive prices in a safe online shopping environment.

Sometimes they hear, “I found this hidden camera much cheaper online.” Unfortunately places outside the U.S. do not have the same standards as we do here in the USA.  That is why they chose to only carry high quality, long lasting hidden cameras manufactured and supplied here in the United States for the best customer service, highest quality, at the lowest prices.  As a true family owned business located in beautiful central New York, they are proud of dealing only with suppliers and manufactures in the USA.

Their CUSTOMER SERVICE is something they take great pride in!  THEY understand the importance and discretion needed for each and every order placed.  Undercover Hidden Cameras customers are home owners, concerned parents, military, law enforcement agencies, government offices, and small businesses.  Your peace of mind is what drives them to offer QUALITY ONLY hidden cameras for home, hidden spy cameras, and nanny cams.

The Importance Of Purchasing Security Cams For Your Home

With the world that we live in, you can never be too careful and that is why you want to make sure that you have the best possible security cams for your home. Not only will such surveillance devices help you to catch criminals, should any come onto your property, but you will also be able to rest more peaceful at night. There is nothing worse than laying awake at night, knowing that you, your family and your entire home is at risk.
Once you start taking a look at security cams for your home, you are going to see that there are actually quite a few different options. It might be a little confusing at first to see those different options, but once you learn about them, you will be glad that there is such a variety. With this variety, you will be able to make sure that your home is hooked up to all of the best possible surveillance devices for your home.
There are some security cams that will record all of the time. Then there are some that will only record when there is movement spotted. Some are better for the daylight and others are meant for being highly powerful during the night. You will find that there are security cams for your home that look just like what they are. Then there are the cameras that are meant to be hidden. This way, not everyone will know that you have cameras and the outside decor of your home will not be affected.
Now, it is important to remember that the outside of your home is not the only part that needs a little extra security. You will want to take your time and browse through all of the different options for surveillance devices for the interior of the home. You can monitor only certain locations or you can have a camera set up in each and every room of the home. The options are endless.
When you are ready to make a purchase, it would be wise to make sure that you are carefully selecting who to shop through. You want to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible and that there will be customer support should you need it. Also, you want to make sure that you will have insurance coverage should your security cameras end up lost or stolen through the mail.
The sooner you start shopping for security cams for your home, the sooner you and your family will be able to sleep soundly at night, knowing that there is that added level of protection. So what are you waiting for? You do not want to leave your home and your family unprotected for too much longer. Time is not your friend in this case.

Hidden Cameras From Bolide Technology Group

Bolide Technology Group is a worldwide major manufacturer and ISO 9001:2008 certified Distributor of hidden cameras, CCTV surveillance products and accessories. Doing Business for over 15 years they offering high-quality, cutting edge products along with exceptional customer service.

From a state of art 26,000-square-foot headquarters located in Southern California and through a responsive network of sales representatives across the United States, Mexico and Latin America, Bolide offers the best valued high performance security products in the market. Their mission is to provide their partners the best selection of the highest quality products with outstanding customer service.

An example of one of their quality hidden cameras is the Night Vision Table Fan Hidden Camera.  What looks like a regular table fan is actually recording every movement! It’s almost impossible to detect this hidden camera disguised as a regular looking table fan. The hidden Table Fan camera features motion-activated recording that begins the second a motion is detected. With motion-activation, you will never have to fast forward through hours of boring footage looking for the action. To view video, easily connect to your TV using the RCA cable or simply take a second to swap the removable SD card with another empty card to continue recording while you playback the first one on your PC. With the built-in infrared LED light, this hidden camera also provides you a clear image during the night time, even in the total darkness environment.


Bolide Technology Group, Inc. strives to provide quality products and services to meet and exceed customer satisfaction.  CCTV surveillance products, accessories, and hidden cameras to protect what’s important to you!


Hidden Spy Camera Leads To Burglary Arrest

The reported a hidden spy cam gave police the evidence they needed to the arrest a Hartford City man accused of breaking into his cousin’s Delaware County home.

The accused Michael Troy Heath II, 32, was arrested on a preliminary charge of burglary, a Class B felony carrying a standard 10-year prison.

The Delaware County sheriff’s deputy was called to the scene of a break-in on the 200 block of East Delaware County Road 1200-N, about 10:20 p.m. Saturday. The officer was given a video from a spy camera the victim placed in his bedroom that allegedly shows Health entering the room.

A short time later Heath was arrested by a Hartford City police officer, who brought him to northern Delaware County for questioning. Heath first denied any role in the burglary, but after questioning Heath confessed and told police a video game system taken is in a duffel bag at his own home and the cash and computer had already been spent or disposed of.

Heath was being held without bond in the Delaware County jail.

Spy Cam Catches Concession Stand Thief

In San Antonio Florida, a spy cam was used to capture a concession stand thief that had stolen almost $1000.00 worth of merchandise from the Dixie Youth Baseball League.

It takes a considerable amount of money to keep the team playing.  The concession stand is where they generate a lot of the money needed to purchase balls, bats, and tees.

Recently after taking an inventory, the team noticed a things missing, not a can of soda or a bag of chips, but sleeves of hamburgers and cases of soda worth almost $1,000.00

The team alerted the sheriff’s office and a detective placed a spy cam inside the stand for a week. When the week was up the detective viewed the spy cam video and found a man just helping himself, like it was his own personal store.

The detective commented that the hidden spy cam did a great job because the thief looked right into the spy cam and didn’t even notice it was a camera.

The park attendant who has taken care of the field for years was easily identified from the spy cam video and was arrested for retail theft.  The attendant faces four misdemeanors for theft and could lose his job with the parks department.