36 Million Faces In One Second

We found and wanted to share some information found at “DIGINFOTV” that was amazing.

Hitachi Kokusai Electric developed a high tech surveillance system that can search through data on 36 million faces in one second. Yes 36 million faces in one second!  Amazing!!  The system can automatically detect a face from either surveillance footage or a regular photo, and search for it.

Once the scan is complete the search results are then displayed immediately.   The system will show thumbnail images of potential candidates. Once a thumbnail is selected, the associated recorded surveillance footage can be viewed, so users can quickly review the persons actions before and after the image was taken. With the system, it’s assumed that faces are turning within around 30 degrees in the horizontal and vertical directions from the camera, and the faces are at least 40 x 40 pixels in size.

Hitachi Kokusai Electric say the high speed is achieved by detecting faces through image recognition when the footage from the camera is recorded, and also by grouping similar faces.  They think this system is very suitable for customers that have a relatively large-scale surveillance system, such as railways, power companies, law enforcement, and large stores.  Hitachi Kokusai Electric plans to release this system next fiscal year.  They’ll be handling each project individually.

Our first thought is how this technology could help with finding children taken at highly populated places like train stations, malls, or fun parks and return them to their families.  This amazing technology developed by  Hitachi Kokusai Electric will help large businesses, cities, large event security, and law enforcement protect what’s important to them.  36,000,000 faces in 1 second, surveillance for immediate answers and actions.

Hidden Camera Grant Helps Fight Elder Abuse

The York weekly @ seacoastonline in Maine, reported that the York County Elder Abuse Task Force has received a $5,000 grant from the Huntington Common Charitable Fund, administered by the Kennebunk Savings Bank Foundation, to fund a hidden camera project meant to curb elder abuse.

“It is estimated that there are over 12,000 cases of elder abuse in Maine each year,” Eliot Police Officer Candace Simeoni, who is chairperson of the task force, said. “Maine is the ‘oldest’ state in the nation. By 2030, 27 percent of our population will be over the age of 65.

“Elder abuse can come in many forms, including physical, emotional, psychological, financial, neglect and even sexual abuse,” Simeoni said.

Karen Connolly, a case worker for Adult Protective Services at the Department of Health and Human Services in Biddeford said “The number of referrals (for cases of elder abuse) is on the rise,” she said. “I’m not sure if that means there are more actual cases or that people are becoming more educated and aware, which means they are reporting them more.”

Mike Moloney, vice president and retail market manager of Kennebunk Savings Bank, explains how the hidden camera project came about:

“At our Annual Meeting two years ago we had a retired detective from the Portland PD come and speak to us about a case she had worked on in a senior housing facility. With the aid of a hidden camera she was able to stop a series of thefts from the residents that had been going on for some time. Because of budget constraints this equipment is not immediately available to every police department in York County, so the Task Force decided that we would take that on as our project for the year, and raise funds for the equipment.”

With the cameras, Simeoni said, “We feel that we can not only assist our law enforcement officers in investigating these cases, but more importantly send a very clear message to abusers that these tools are now available to protect our senior citizens.”

Though it is often hidden from the public eye, elder abuse is a common and serious problem, Lizanecz said.

“This generation of elders is very trusting, and unfortunately it’s very easy for caregivers to take advantage of that trust,” he said. Lizanecz said he’d seen all sorts of cases, from identity fraud to basic locker-room theft in hospitals, with financial abuse as the most common form of elder abuse.

Lizanecz said the cameras are cleverly disguised as inanimate objects.

“You’d never be able to tell (the object) was a hidden camera,” he said, adding that he wouldn’t describe the hidden cameras so that potential abusers would not know what to look for.

Recluse Black Box Hidden Camera Released!

On May 15th the new SluethGear Recluse Black Box Hidden Camera will be released to the public. This exclusive hidden camera system is now featuring:

• Built-in heat sensors that activate the recording unit when an intruder is detected, allowing for longer battery life.

• Invisible Infrared sensors capable of capturing action in total darkness.

• Expanded SD card storage capacity from 32Gb to 64Gb.

The Uses for the Recluse Black Box Hidden Camera by SleuthGear are never-ending; whether you want to see what is happening in your office day and night, capture activity in your home when you are away, or see if your employees are working when you’re out of the shop.  The enclosed DVR and hidden camera blend perfectly into any environment, so you can go anywhere and still record anything without attracting any attention.   Get the answers you need with the Recluse Black Box Hidden Camera.

Hidden Camera Finds Honest Business Man

In Scotch Plains, NJ Doug Lynch is the owner of A-1 Basement Solutions. Mr. Lynch was one of eight contractors called by the Today Show to check a woman’s house for mold was part of an hidden camera undercover investigation by Rossen Reports on whether mold contractors are charging for unneeded work.

Five of the dishonest contractors said she had a mold problem and was charging up to $10,000 to clean it up. Three of them said she didn’t have mold.

Doug Lynch was the only contractor to actually do the test to determine that there wasn’t mold in the house.

It is a simple test but very effective one. It’s done with what Lynch calls a mold stick – it’s a plastic tube that encases a cotton swab. At the top is a plastic vial in a bulb shape. Lynch bends the bulb to crack the seal, and then a chemical wets the cotton swab, turning it green. He rubs the swab on the suspected mold. If the swab stays green, it’s not mold. If it turns gray, it’s dormant mold. If it turns purple, it’s active mold.

After testing the suspected areas twice, Lynch told the woman she definitely did not have mold in her home.

“We conduct all of our business with honesty and integrity that can withstand hidden camera investigation,” he said. “This is why we have an A-plus rating with Better Business Bureau. It’s why we’re on Angie’s List’s honor roll – because we always do exemplary work.”

In today’s news you tend to hear all bad news and bad reports of businesses.  The Today Show used a hidden camera to show that there are honest businesses out there too.  Hidden cameras are a needed tool for every home and business to find the GOOD and bad.

How Do I Set Up My SleuthGear Digital WI-FI Remote View Spy Cam Using Windows?

So you purchased a SleuthGear WI-FI Hidden Camera spy cam and would like step by step instructions to set up the remote view option.  It seems complicated but following these simple instructions can guide any do-it-yourselfer through the process.  Just go step by step and soon you will be viewing your video live from anywhere you have a internet connection.

  1. Connect the receiver to your router or modem with the provided ethernet cable. If you have a router and a modem connect the receiver to the router.
  1. Install “DVR Finder” from the cd to your Windows computer. Make sure your computer is connected (wireless or hardwired) to the same router the receiver is connected to.
  1. In DVR Finder click the search box on the right hand side. If nothing comes up power cycle the router and receiver. Wait until you establish an internet connection then try again.
  1. When DVR Finder locations the receiver under Device Name it will read Video Server with the IP address to the right. (Write down the IP the address on a sheet of paper and label it receiver IP address. You will need this information later)
  1. Click on Video Server in DVR Finder and it will highlight the whole line blue. Then click Connect DVR on the right under Search.
  1. A web browser will now open with a log in box asking for a user name and password. Put in “root” for the user name and “root” for the password and click Ok.
  1. The next screen will show the cameras image. If it the image says “disconnected” or “camera out of range” repair the camera and receiver and the image will come up.
  1. Click “Control Panel Login” below the image. The control panel is where you can access recorded video, change video settings, network settings, etc.
  1. Click “Network Setup” on the left side then click “Type” below. Here you will see “Sever Port: 80”. This will come in to play later.
  1. Now you need to access the port forwarding section of your router to allow the video to broadcast to the internet. It is recommended to open port 30,000 or above. Please consult the manufacturer for the router or router manual for details as to where this section is.
  1. You can also go to www.portforward.com to find step by step instructions on access the port forward section of your router. On portforward.com scroll to the bottom and find your router model number and click on it. On the next screen in the top left corner click “Click here to skip this advertisement…” On the next screen click the orange “Default Guide” in the last sentence. Here you will find step by step instructions on how to open a port for your router. When selecting the port number or port range use port 30000 to 30001. For the IP address find the piece of paper with the IP address you wrote down for step 4.
  1. After completing the port forwarding process next is to check and see if the port is open by going to http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ . On this screen you will see your external IP address “69.x.x.x”. Write this down on a sheet of paper and label it “External IP Address” Every router has its own IP address just like your house has its own address.
  2. Now delete Port Number 80 and put in Port Number 30000 then click “Check”.
  3. If it says Port 30000 is open you set it up correctly! If it says closed check your port forward setting again because the port isn’t open.
  4. Go back to the cameras “Control Panel” and go back to “Network Setup : Type” where you left off on number 9.
  5. Change the “Server Port” to 30000 and click “Save”.
  1. Now that port 30000 in your router is open and your receiver is sending the video feed through port 30000 your video is now being broadcasted to the internet.
  1. To view the video feed when you are away from your receiver open your internet browser on a computer or smart phone.
  1. Where you would type in a website address put in the external IP address you wrote down on step number 12 “69.x.x.x”. Then put a colon “:” and the port number “30000”. “69.x.x.x:30000”.
  1. A log in box will come up asking for a user name and password. Put in “root” for the user name and “root” for the password.
  1. Now the cameras live stream image will be displayed. Click on “Control Panel” to access the recorded video and camera settings.

Congratulations your done! That wasn’t that bad. Now sit back and view your spy cam video feed LIVE!

Hidden Cameras Show Pet Caregivers Leaving Early

If you are a pet owner you know that your pets are a very valued part of your family.  Similar to your children when you leave your pets with a caregiver, you are entrusting that caregiver with an important and valued part of your family.

ABC Action News in Tampa Florida found that some pet caregivers are not giving the love and companionship to your pets that you expect when you paid for their services.

Using hidden cameras, investigators wanted to find out if in-home pet caregivers really cared for your pets for as long as they claim. They asked several pet owners to set up 30-minute visits with local pet caregivers.  The visits cost $15 to $23 dollars, depending on the caregiver.
As described on their website Mary Alexander of St. Pete Beach hired “Give Me Your Paw” pet services to care for her two labs for “approximately-30 minute”

“All I wanted was for her to give them a half-hour of TLC,” said Alexander.
On the first day when the caregivers arrived, the hidden cameras show she took the dogs out for a walk. But after just 4 minutes, she came back in, filled out a comment card, and took off.  The total time she spent at the house was just 10 minutes.  The next day, she was in and out in just 8 minutes.
“If someone told me they were going to give me a half-hour massage and they stopped at 15 minutes, I’d be a little angry,” Alexander said.

Investigators also looked at other home pet caregivers as well.  Joey Trowbridge has been using Wags and Wiggles for years to watch her cats: Liam, Lola, and Lucy.

“I travel on business often, so it’s kind of a requirement for me,” Trowbridge said.

Trowbridge’s own security cameras caught the caregivers skipping out early again and again. Instead of the 30 minutes she says she paid for, her video’s time stamps show the sitter leaving in 15 minutes, 6 minutes, and in one visit, after just 4 minutes.

Describing her first reaction to the video Trowbridge said “I was like, ‘You’ve got to me kidding me.’ This can’t be right,”

Investigators had hidden cameras rolling as “Wags and Wiggles” sat for another pet owner in Tampa over two days. In these visits, “Wags and Wiggles” delivered exactly what they promised, walking the dog for a full 30 minutes.

“Alone At Home” pet services in Largo also gave the dog the full 30 minutes of attention they promised.

“These are my babies. They couldn’t tell me, “Hey mom, she’s spending five minutes here.”  I didn’t know. I had to find out on the security camera,” Trowbridge said.

The Better Business Bureau says anyone using a pet caregiver should get in writing exactly what you expect your caregiver to do, and you should ask for references before you hire someone.

Police To Use ‘Robocop-Style’ Spy Glasses

We found an article at “The Telegraph”  featuring spy glasses for security in Brazil.  The Telegraph stats that during the 2014 World Cup Brazilian police will use futuristic ‘Robocop-style’ glasses fitted with facial recognition equipment to identify and root out troublemakers.

A spy camera fitted to a pair of glasses can capture 400 facial images per second and send them to a central computer database storing up to 13 million faces.  The system can compare data at 46,000 points on a face and will immediately signal any matches to known criminals or people wanted by police.  If there is a match a red signal will appear on a small screen connected to the glasses, alerting the police officer of the need to take further action or make an arrest.

The devices will soon be tested at football matches and concerts and police in Brazil, South America’s biggest country, and are already planning to use them during the next World Cup.

The camera will generally be used to scan faces in crowds up to 164ft away but can be adjusted, if searching for a specific target, to recognize faces as far as 12 miles away.

Military Police officials from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which will both host key games in the World Cup, have been given demonstrations of how the device works.

Major Leandro Pavani Agostini, of Sao Paulo’s Military Police, said: “It’s something discreet because you do not question the person or ask for documents. The computer does it.

“To the naked eye two people may appear identical but with 46,000 points compared, the data will not be beaten.”

He said the device will be useful to police trying to monitor many different locations and events, ranging from airports and bus terminals to concerts and football matches.

“I can insert into the database a supporter who was involved in a brawl on the field and even with the old images, he can be located in the future,” added the Major.

Misusing A Spy Cam

Every now and then you run across a story of a person misusing a hidden camera, spy cam to video tape someone illegally.

First a quick basic summery of spy cam laws.  You can not legally use a spy cam in a place where someone has “expected privacy” or a private place.   A private place is a location where a person expects to be safe from unauthorized surveillance. Most hidden camera recordings in the United States are legal with or without consent; however, several laws do exist regarding “Invasion of Privacy,” which deals with the concept of expected privacy.  “Expected privacy” includes areas such as bathrooms, locker rooms, changing and dressing rooms, bedrooms, and other areas where a person may expect personal privacy. Most of the laws dealing with hidden camera or spy camera recording privacy issues, tend to allow covert recording and monitoring of activity under most circumstances without notification of any of the people involved.  That being said we recommended that before you use a hidden camera or spy camera, you consult with your local law enforcement or an attorney. This insures that despite a general understanding of the law, you are complying with local and federal regulations before you use a spy cam.

If you read the New Jersey Real-Time News they published a story of a Morris County man accused of using hidden cameras to record nude images of young girls.   The story states A computer consultant from Budd Lake is accused of using hidden spy cameras he installed in his Morris County home to record nude images of at least seven underage girls, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI.  In addition, authorities allege he distributed the images over the internet and officials say they believe there are more victims.  The man is charged with one count of distribution of child pornography and faces up to 20 years in prison, with a minimum of five years. Hey look a picture of the accused man!

A true Misuse and (please excuse my personal opinion) a disgusting act that if convicted, this perpetrator should be put away for over 20 years.   But first if convicted he should be put in a locked room with the parents of the young girls so they can discuss their view on what he video taped face to face.   With The hundreds of needed and legal uses of hidden spy cams,  every now and then you run across a story of a twisted person misusing these needed units to feed their perverted and sick needs. (there I go again).

We like to write stories of people watching their elderly parent in a nursing home, students catching someone stealing from their dorm room,  parents watching their children,  homeowners watching their property when contractors are working on their home, one spouse catching the other being unfaithful, and many more legal ways of using a spy cam.  When we run across a story like this we feel obligated to share it.  If someone reading this will catch or can avoid it happening just one time, it makes the story worth writing.  Protect What’s Important To You!

Hidden Camera Catches Thief

On April 11, 2012 KJRN 2 Works For You News reported that in Rogers County, Oklahoma a homeowner helped authorities identified a thief by using a hidden camera to catch the thief in the act.

The homeowner had a Tulsa company remodeling his bathroom and noticed pills missing from the home.  The homeowner told the authorities after having surgery his wife was taking pain medication and her bottle of Oxycodone was missing nearly 40 pills.  An older prescription of Hydrocodone was empty.

The homeowner installed a hidden camera and placed aspirin in a Hydrocodone bottle in the cabinet.  The contractors worked for about two hours and when the homeowner checked the pill bottle only one pill was remaining in the bottle. The hidden camera captured one of the contractors in the cabinet.

Authorities identified the thief and arrest warrants have been requested.

The Rogers County Sheriff’s Office declined to identify both the victim and the suspect.

DIY Hidden Camera Technology Catches criminal

In Fargo-Moorhead April 10, 2012 WDAY TV reported that O.J. Simpson’s ex-girlfriend has been arrested after allegedly stealing pain medication from a North Moorhead home where she was an in-home nursing assistant. Christie Prody was captured on a home hidden camera that the homeowner placed in the residence.

Court papers say Christie Prody was caught stealing both Morphine and Lorazepam from the homeowner. The hidden camera was installed after the complainant suspected, but needed undeniable proof that Prody had stolen 300 oxycodone pills two months earlier. For Moorhead Police video evidence is undeniable evidence and when present convictions usually occur.

Lt. Brad Penas of the Moorhead Police said “It led us to the suspect, that led to an interview of the suspect and the suspect confessed to the crime.  Anytime you have video evidence like this, it’s very difficult for a defense attorney to get into a courtroom and try to defend their client.”

Prody now faces two counts of 2nd Degree Burglary, two counts of theft and two counts of 5th degree drug possession.

Over the last few years hidden camera technology has changed. They have become very easy to use and can only take minutes to set up.  The need for VCRs and storing large amounts of tapes has been replaced with tiny SD cards capable of storing days of footage and if you purchase the option you can view your video live from a mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Both the homeowner and Prody declined an interview, but the homeowner did say Prody was a nice, caring person. She is currently being held on a $10,000 bond.