Nanny Cams What Is More Important Than Your Child’s Safety

With times being the way they are, more parents are using hidden spy cameras in their home to keep an eye on their children. The peace of mind knowing your children are being properly cared for by the people you have trusted with their safety.  Recent studies have reported that a 50% increase in the sales of hidden cameras known as spy cams or nanny cams. So here’s the question,  is this a good idea? Well how important is your children’s safety and your peace of mind?

Obviously nothing is nothing more important than our children and the peace of mind that a nanny cam can bring.  There are a number of nanny cams available.  They are available in almost any type of household item and with any option. Kitchen clock, DVD player, plant, fan, air purifier, look around your house and cameras are built into something from any and every room.   These spy cams are fairly inexpensive in comparison to large home security systems and are very effective at keeping an eye on your child. There are and will always be moments when you have to leave your child with someone that you don’t know quite as well, when your normal nanny is unavailable.  Having a nanny cam will give you that peace of mind knowing they are being cared for properly.

Spy cams are also very effective for other reasons other than keeping an eye on your children.  Here are a few examples of how a hidden camera spy cams can give you true peace of mind:  Is the contractor working at your home stealing from you.  Is the house cleaner cleaning, or having guest over.  Your teenagers gets out of school an hour before you get home from work and you want to make sure they are home safe.  Someone keeps dumping garbage on your lawn.  Papers on your desk seem to be moved every morning. Are your employees working or stealing from you.

A few high quality nanny cams, spy cams, and hidden cameras that will protect what’s important to you:

Protect what’s important to you with a nanny cam, spy cam, or hidden camera for home.

How Do I Set Up My SleuthGear Digital WI-FI Remote View Spy Cam Using Windows?

So you purchased a SleuthGear WI-FI Hidden Camera spy cam and would like step by step instructions to set up the remote view option.  It seems complicated but following these simple instructions can guide any do-it-yourselfer through the process.  Just go step by step and soon you will be viewing your video live from anywhere you have a internet connection.

  1. Connect the receiver to your router or modem with the provided ethernet cable. If you have a router and a modem connect the receiver to the router.
  1. Install “DVR Finder” from the cd to your Windows computer. Make sure your computer is connected (wireless or hardwired) to the same router the receiver is connected to.
  1. In DVR Finder click the search box on the right hand side. If nothing comes up power cycle the router and receiver. Wait until you establish an internet connection then try again.
  1. When DVR Finder locations the receiver under Device Name it will read Video Server with the IP address to the right. (Write down the IP the address on a sheet of paper and label it receiver IP address. You will need this information later)
  1. Click on Video Server in DVR Finder and it will highlight the whole line blue. Then click Connect DVR on the right under Search.
  1. A web browser will now open with a log in box asking for a user name and password. Put in “root” for the user name and “root” for the password and click Ok.
  1. The next screen will show the cameras image. If it the image says “disconnected” or “camera out of range” repair the camera and receiver and the image will come up.
  1. Click “Control Panel Login” below the image. The control panel is where you can access recorded video, change video settings, network settings, etc.
  1. Click “Network Setup” on the left side then click “Type” below. Here you will see “Sever Port: 80”. This will come in to play later.
  1. Now you need to access the port forwarding section of your router to allow the video to broadcast to the internet. It is recommended to open port 30,000 or above. Please consult the manufacturer for the router or router manual for details as to where this section is.
  1. You can also go to to find step by step instructions on access the port forward section of your router. On scroll to the bottom and find your router model number and click on it. On the next screen in the top left corner click “Click here to skip this advertisement…” On the next screen click the orange “Default Guide” in the last sentence. Here you will find step by step instructions on how to open a port for your router. When selecting the port number or port range use port 30000 to 30001. For the IP address find the piece of paper with the IP address you wrote down for step 4.
  1. After completing the port forwarding process next is to check and see if the port is open by going to . On this screen you will see your external IP address “69.x.x.x”. Write this down on a sheet of paper and label it “External IP Address” Every router has its own IP address just like your house has its own address.
  2. Now delete Port Number 80 and put in Port Number 30000 then click “Check”.
  3. If it says Port 30000 is open you set it up correctly! If it says closed check your port forward setting again because the port isn’t open.
  4. Go back to the cameras “Control Panel” and go back to “Network Setup : Type” where you left off on number 9.
  5. Change the “Server Port” to 30000 and click “Save”.
  1. Now that port 30000 in your router is open and your receiver is sending the video feed through port 30000 your video is now being broadcasted to the internet.
  1. To view the video feed when you are away from your receiver open your internet browser on a computer or smart phone.
  1. Where you would type in a website address put in the external IP address you wrote down on step number 12 “69.x.x.x”. Then put a colon “:” and the port number “30000”. “69.x.x.x:30000”.
  1. A log in box will come up asking for a user name and password. Put in “root” for the user name and “root” for the password.
  1. Now the cameras live stream image will be displayed. Click on “Control Panel” to access the recorded video and camera settings.

Congratulations your done! That wasn’t that bad. Now sit back and view your spy cam video feed LIVE!

Hidden Camera Allowed Us To See The Unseen

We are posting a story sent to us from a parent that used a hidden camera to see what activities their teenage sons were engaging in when they were away.

I was in a situation that was new to me.  My teenage sons just didn’t seem believable when I asked “did you have a party when your mother and I were gone last weekend?” of course their answer was “NO”.  I know that is a stretch for teenage boys but they have always been pretty honest with us and even though we hear stories about teenagers, like most parents, our kids were different. (so we thought)

On our next adventure out of town my wife and I decided to purchase a hidden camera to place in the family room to see what we normally wouldn’t be able to see.  I liked the fact that they come in everyday items that blend right into any room and this one was motion activated so it wasn’t just recording when no one was in the room.  The boys had no idea that we were recording ever move and our eyes were on them. (Not that we didn’t trust them but those stories are out there)

After returning, the boys said it was a pretty boring weekend.  Nothing to do but play video games, listen to some music and watch a few movies. We retrieved the SD card, plug it in and started viewing the events of the weekend.

Well we were right; the boys were being honest with us.  They did play video games, listen to music, and watch a few movies.  But they failed to mention that a number of their friends were at the house playing those video games, listening to the music, and watching the movies with them.  The party was on and let’s just says some experimenting was going on with a few beverages.

After viewing what was captured on the hidden camera.  We called in the boys to discuss what we saw, without telling them how we knew what we knew.  To say they were pale, nervous, and shocked that we knew everything would be an understatement.

To this day they still have no idea that there was a hidden camera was in the family room and now when we go away they actually do play video games, listen to music, and watch movies.  But now it’s just the two of them. The hidden camera did give us eyes to see the unseen and gave us otherwise unknown knowledge of what was happening when we were away.