Hidden Camera Allowed Us To See The Unseen

We are posting a story sent to us from a parent that used a hidden camera to see what activities their teenage sons were engaging in when they were away.

I was in a situation that was new to me.  My teenage sons just didn’t seem believable when I asked “did you have a party when your mother and I were gone last weekend?” of course their answer was “NO”.  I know that is a stretch for teenage boys but they have always been pretty honest with us and even though we hear stories about teenagers, like most parents, our kids were different. (so we thought)

On our next adventure out of town my wife and I decided to purchase a hidden camera to place in the family room to see what we normally wouldn’t be able to see.  I liked the fact that they come in everyday items that blend right into any room and this one was motion activated so it wasn’t just recording when no one was in the room.  The boys had no idea that we were recording ever move and our eyes were on them. (Not that we didn’t trust them but those stories are out there)

After returning, the boys said it was a pretty boring weekend.  Nothing to do but play video games, listen to some music and watch a few movies. We retrieved the SD card, plug it in and started viewing the events of the weekend.

Well we were right; the boys were being honest with us.  They did play video games, listen to music, and watch a few movies.  But they failed to mention that a number of their friends were at the house playing those video games, listening to the music, and watching the movies with them.  The party was on and let’s just says some experimenting was going on with a few beverages.

After viewing what was captured on the hidden camera.  We called in the boys to discuss what we saw, without telling them how we knew what we knew.  To say they were pale, nervous, and shocked that we knew everything would be an understatement.

To this day they still have no idea that there was a hidden camera was in the family room and now when we go away they actually do play video games, listen to music, and watch movies.  But now it’s just the two of them. The hidden camera did give us eyes to see the unseen and gave us otherwise unknown knowledge of what was happening when we were away.

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