Hidden Camera Catches Thief

On April 11, 2012 KJRN 2 Works For You News reported that in Rogers County, Oklahoma a homeowner helped authorities identified a thief by using a hidden camera to catch the thief in the act.

The homeowner had a Tulsa company remodeling his bathroom and noticed pills missing from the home.  The homeowner told the authorities after having surgery his wife was taking pain medication and her bottle of Oxycodone was missing nearly 40 pills.  An older prescription of Hydrocodone was empty.

The homeowner installed a hidden camera and placed aspirin in a Hydrocodone bottle in the cabinet.  The contractors worked for about two hours and when the homeowner checked the pill bottle only one pill was remaining in the bottle. The hidden camera captured one of the contractors in the cabinet.

Authorities identified the thief and arrest warrants have been requested.

The Rogers County Sheriff’s Office declined to identify both the victim and the suspect.

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