Hidden Cameras From Bolide Technology Group

Bolide Technology Group is a worldwide major manufacturer and ISO 9001:2008 certified Distributor of hidden cameras, CCTV surveillance products and accessories. Doing Business for over 15 years they offering high-quality, cutting edge products along with exceptional customer service.

From a state of art 26,000-square-foot headquarters located in Southern California and through a responsive network of sales representatives across the United States, Mexico and Latin America, Bolide offers the best valued high performance security products in the market. Their mission is to provide their partners the best selection of the highest quality products with outstanding customer service.

An example of one of their quality hidden cameras is the Night Vision Table Fan Hidden Camera.  What looks like a regular table fan is actually recording every movement! It’s almost impossible to detect this hidden camera disguised as a regular looking table fan. The hidden Table Fan camera features motion-activated recording that begins the second a motion is detected. With motion-activation, you will never have to fast forward through hours of boring footage looking for the action. To view video, easily connect to your TV using the RCA cable or simply take a second to swap the removable SD card with another empty card to continue recording while you playback the first one on your PC. With the built-in infrared LED light, this hidden camera also provides you a clear image during the night time, even in the total darkness environment.


Bolide Technology Group, Inc. strives to provide quality products and services to meet and exceed customer satisfaction.  CCTV surveillance products, accessories, and hidden cameras to protect what’s important to you!


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