How Do Hidden Spy Cameras Work?

Hidden spy camera technology can be very confusing and it can seem so overwhelming you don’t even try to understand how it works.  We are going to break it down and make it very easy to understand.  There are exceptions for this basic explanation but understanding the basics will make those exceptions easier to understand.

There are three basic components that make a hidden spy camera : 1) the camera,2) a recording device ( VCR or DVR), and 3) a monitor to watch your recorded video.

1)      The camera is pretty simply to understand. It is usually a board camera installed in an everyday object. You want the object to blend into its surroundings and there are hundreds of choices ranging from DVD players, any kind of clock you can think of, iPod docking stations, plants, picture frames, tissue boxes, and the list goes on for you to choose from.

The camera can be wired, which means your spy camera connects directly to your recording device (DVR or VCR) using a cable. The spy camera can also be wireless. A wireless spy camera has a built in transmitter, which transmits a signal to a receiver that is connected to your recording device.

2)      The recording device is the DVR or VCR which is needed to record the video your spy camera captures.

3)      The monitor is needed to watch your video. Just plug your DVR or VCR into your monitor to view the video.  Your camera captures the video, your recording device records what the camera captures, and you monitor is what you watch the video on.

If you are using a DVR card and have a computer, then the DVR card will turn your computer into a DVR and monitor.

A very simple hidden spy camera to use is the self-recording spy camera. These units have a built in DVR, so there are no wires or receivers to connect.  Just place the self-recording hidden spy camera in place, turn it on and the unit will record the video onto a SD card.  Pop out the SD card, plug it into a computer and watch your video. Very simple.

This will give you a better understanding on how a hidden spy camera works so when it comes time to purchase one you have a better understanding of what you will need and how it works.

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