Mini Gadgets Inc.!

Mini Gadgets Inc.  is a leading manufacture of the BushBaby line of covert DVR’s and supplier of spy cams and spy surveillance equipment that can assist you in getting everything you need for a spy cam needs.  They only wholesale spy cameras and DVRs as well as many other surveillance products to authorized dealer in the USA and around the World.  Mini Gadgets Inc. has one of the largest inventories of over 250 products that are all sold at the lowest prices in the industry.  Mini Gadgets stocks hidden cameras, Spy cams, voice recorders, self-defense products, GPS tracking systems, and more.  Their warehouse is right outside of Atlanta in Marietta, Georgia.  Mini Gadgets also offers live technical support for the end user as part of their commitment to superior customer service.

Looking for a Spy can Ipod docking station?  Check out Mini Gadgets BUSH BABY2 Working iPod Dock with built in DVR.  Every home now has some form of  MP3 player and Apple products, and no one will ever suspect that your fully functional iPod dock is actually a DVR. With full color video, motion detection, and the ability to take still images all while running off the power source of the iPod dock itself, this latest DVR will not let you down when you need to protect what’s important to you.

As a leading supplier of spy gear Mini Gadgets Inc.  Has everything your looking for.  Their customer service and support gives them a step up on the competition.  If your looking for spy equipment check out one of their authorized dealers to protect what’s important to you!

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