Hidden Camera Clears High School Football Star

NBC4 I-Team had an exclusive interview with the private investigator Freddie Parish on how he was able to obtain a confession that finally freed a former California high school football star, Brian Banks. A hidden camera confession was a key piece … [Continue reading]

Happy Fathers Day From Spycam Magazine!


THIS PICTURE SAYS IT ALL !!  Happy Fathers day from The Spycam Magazine. … [Continue reading]

SleuthGear Zone Shield Air Purifier Color Hidden Camera


Having an air purifier in your home these days is a normal occurrence. The SleuthGear Zone Shield Air Purifier Color Hidden Camera with built-in DVR will blend right into any home and is a very effective tool for hidden home security. The Zone … [Continue reading]

Undercover Hidden Cameras A Premier On-line Retailer


Undercover Hidden Cameras is the premier on-line retailer for hidden cameras for home, nanny cams and hidden spy cameras. Undercover Hidden Cameras specialize in User Friendly DIY hidden cameras for home, hidden spy cameras, and nanny cams. … [Continue reading]

HD Button Spy Camera


HD Button Spy Camera for use with the DVR503 HD Touchscreen DVR. Featuring Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology! When shooting in high-contrast, backlight, glare, and light reflection environments (such as near windows) - objects can appear dark and … [Continue reading]

XtremeLife Rock Hidden Camera


The XtremeLife Rock Hidden Camera is of the highest quality and perfect for your outdoor hidden camera needs. The convenience of a battery-powered hidden camera, without the typical short battery-life constraints! The new XtremeLife camera … [Continue reading]

Hidden Cameras For Home

In today's word a hidden camera for home is a must investment.  Protecting what's important to you a hidden camera for home will give you true peace of mind, knowing your most valuable assets are being monitored from abuse, theft, and disloyal … [Continue reading]

Sleuthgear Covert Book Hidden Camera With IP Receiver


The popular line of SleuthGear hidden camera products just keeps getting better! In addition to ALL-DIGITAL transmissions (which eliminate wireless interference), we're now excited to introduce that their hidden camera products are now available with … [Continue reading]

Hidden Camera Situations That Allow You To See The Unseen

If an unsettling situation arises that may or may not be happening, a hidden camera can give you true peace of mind with undeniable proof.  Seeing is believing and a hidden camera can deliver that proof.  Here are a few examples of how a hidden … [Continue reading]

Alarm Clock Spy Camera

An alarm clock spy camera is one of the newest devices on the market designed to hide a camera in your home. You can use it to monitor the activities of your spouse or another family member who is currently staying in the home. It can also help … [Continue reading]