The Importance Of Purchasing Security Cams For Your Home

With the world that we live in, you can never be too careful and that is why you want to make sure that you have the best possible security cams for your home. Not only will such surveillance devices help you to catch criminals, should any come onto … [Continue reading]

Bush Baby 2 Rocket Clock Hidden Camera


The latest Bush Baby hidden camera product is perfect for the future astronaut in your home. Not only will your children love the rocket ship design of the clock, but it even projects varying space images onto a nearby wall or ceiling. Capable of … [Continue reading]

Hidden Cameras From Bolide Technology Group


Bolide Technology Group is a worldwide major manufacturer and ISO 9001:2008 certified Distributor of hidden cameras, CCTV surveillance products and accessories. Doing Business for over 15 years they offering high-quality, cutting edge products along … [Continue reading]

Hidden Spy Camera Leads To Burglary Arrest

The reported a hidden spy cam gave police the evidence they needed to the arrest a Hartford City man accused of breaking into his cousin's Delaware County home. The accused Michael Troy Heath II, 32, was arrested on a preliminary … [Continue reading]

Spy Cam Catches Concession Stand Thief

In San Antonio Florida, a spy cam was used to capture a concession stand thief that had stolen almost $1000.00 worth of merchandise from the Dixie Youth Baseball League. It takes a considerable amount of money to keep the team playing.  The … [Continue reading]

36 Million Faces In One Second

We found and wanted to share some information found at "DIGINFOTV" that was amazing. Hitachi Kokusai Electric developed a high tech surveillance system that can search through data on 36 million faces in one second. Yes 36 million faces in one … [Continue reading]

Pencil Sharpener WI-FI Digital Hidden Camera


Need a hidden camera to see what is happening in your office when you’re not there?  A pencil sharpener WI-FI Digital hidden camera is the perfect choice. A pencil sharpener hidden camera will blend into any office environment.  If your office … [Continue reading]

Mini Gadgets Inc.!


Mini Gadgets Inc.  is a leading manufacture of the BushBaby line of covert DVR’s and supplier of spy cams and spy surveillance equipment that can assist you in getting everything you need for a spy cam needs.  They only wholesale spy cameras and … [Continue reading]

Hidden Camera Grant Helps Fight Elder Abuse

The York weekly @ seacoastonline in Maine, reported that the York County Elder Abuse Task Force has received a $5,000 grant from the Huntington Common Charitable Fund, administered by the Kennebunk Savings Bank Foundation, to fund a hidden camera … [Continue reading]

Recluse Black Box Hidden Camera Released!


On May 15th the new SluethGear Recluse Black Box Hidden Camera will be released to the public. This exclusive hidden camera system is now featuring: • Built-in heat sensors that activate the recording unit when an intruder is detected, allowing … [Continue reading]