Sleuthgear Covert Book Hidden Camera With IP Receiver

The popular line of SleuthGear hidden camera products just keeps getting better! In addition to ALL-DIGITAL transmissions (which eliminate wireless interference), we’re now excited to introduce that their hidden camera products are now available with an IP Receiver.

What makes an IP Receiver so special? The answer is two-fold: advanced recording options, and extreme ease of use! The IP Receiver is also a completely standalone receiver that doesn’t require a computer! The IP Receiver plugs directly into your wireless router (internet connection required), so there is no software or programs to worry about installing. Transmit your hidden camera video wirelessly to the receiver (which also functions as a DVR), so you can not only record your video to an SD card, but you can also stream your video over the internet to anywhere in the world!


  • Remote Video Access
  • Email notifications (motion alerts, camera failure, IP address change, etc)
  • Live monitoring, recording and event playback via internet
  • Back-up SD storage up to 32GB (SD not included)
  • SD card lock box with key so SD card can’t be removed
  • Digital Wireless Transmission (No camera interference)
  • View LIVE on your SmartPhone!


•             Digital wireless Book Cam

•             IP Receiver

•             Remote Control

•             A/C Adaptor for Receiver

•             Key (for SD card lock box)

•             2GB SD Card

•             Ethernet network cable

•             Power Supply for Book

•             Manual

The Sleuthgear Covert Book Hidden Camera With IP Receiver will blend into almost any room making it undetectable.  The highest quality and dependable hidden camera on the market

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