Spy Cam Catches Concession Stand Thief

In San Antonio Florida, a spy cam was used to capture a concession stand thief that had stolen almost $1000.00 worth of merchandise from the Dixie Youth Baseball League.

It takes a considerable amount of money to keep the team playing.  The concession stand is where they generate a lot of the money needed to purchase balls, bats, and tees.

Recently after taking an inventory, the team noticed a things missing, not a can of soda or a bag of chips, but sleeves of hamburgers and cases of soda worth almost $1,000.00

The team alerted the sheriff’s office and a detective placed a spy cam inside the stand for a week. When the week was up the detective viewed the spy cam video and found a man just helping himself, like it was his own personal store.

The detective commented that the hidden spy cam did a great job because the thief looked right into the spy cam and didn’t even notice it was a camera.

The park attendant who has taken care of the field for years was easily identified from the spy cam video and was arrested for retail theft.  The attendant faces four misdemeanors for theft and could lose his job with the parks department.

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