Spy Cam Sales Are Growing!

The use of a hidden camera spy cam for home surveillance is growing at a high rate.  When it comes to answering those unanswered question, hiring a private investigator can be very expensive.   So like most do it yourselfers buying a hidden camera has become the most economical and efficient way to answer those questions.

When you hear the saying “all is fair in love and war” ex-spouses and current spouses are using the ever improving spy cam technology to find out the facts.  But this is just one of many uses that give answers to those unanswered questions.

You’re at work until 5:00pm and the kids get home at 3:00pm from school, are they home safely? Mom is in a nursing facility and she seems to be scared of her nurses. Her property keeps coming up missing.  Are the contractors working or going through your belongings?  Are my employees working or goofing off?  Need evidence that it really is happening?  These are just a few more reasons spy cam sales are growing.

Everyone has seen and heard of the teddy bear spy cam, but today spy cams can be purchased in almost any common household product and come with amazing features and clarity.  Night vision to see what’s happening in a dark room, built in digital video recorders (DVR), and yes you can even stream your video live on the internet to see the action from work or your smart phone.

Need to blend your spy camera into your home office?  They come in wall clocks, deck clocks, pencil sharpeners, lamps, fans, iPod docking stations, and air fresheners to name a few. A quick search on the internet will bring you hundreds of spy cam styles and options to fit any room in your home.

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