Spy Camera Specialists

SCS Enterprises, d/b/a/ Spy Camera Specialists, specializes in do-it-yourself video security systems. Based in New York, they have been serving their customers since 1998. The company started small yet, always innovating, developing new products and being true to their customers which helped them grow into a spy cam leading manufacture.

Since the beginning, SCS have been assembling their own spy cams (cameras hidden in objects such as clock radio, air purifier etc.).  It has been their philosophy that mass production and distribution of such camera defeats the purpose of being “covert”.  Because the cameras are assembled upon order, you can choose among numerous upgrade options to best suit your needs.  Also, when service is needed, you can be assured that it’ll be done correctly by the very hands that made the system.  SCS have cases where a customer who purchased a system a decade ago, returned it for a repair and ended up costing him only $40 for replacing the power supply unit inside. Not only they can provide you with the best service, we can apply the best possible price, same day shipping and quality control on all our nanny cameras.  The SCS team uses strict guidelines to test all new products as they appear on the market. Their dedication to quality means that only small percentage of those products will be sold by SCS.

The Spy Camera Specialists offers a 30 day exchange policy, 1 year repair/replacement warranty, and a 30 day price guarantee.  All items are shipped complete with everything you need to hook up. (power supply, connectors, bracket etc.)  With these systems discretion is a must so SCS will ship the same day using a discrete box.  All  items are reviewed by technicians for compatibility before processing. SCS offers Free consulting by e-mail or phone.  Customer satisfaction is a priority with a less than 1% return rate.

With over 10 Years of Serving the general public, SCS provides the information needed to guide the consumer in making a more informed purchase decision with systems that supply the able Do-It-Yourself, Novice or Professional Installer with the needed Technical Support.

A great example of a SCS spy cam that will fit into the home or office  is the Pencil Sharpener WI-FI Digital Hidden Camera.  The Video IP Camera / Pencil Sharpener Covert Wi-Fi Digital Wireless Hidden Camera with recording & remote access offers support for a PC and has Motion Detection. It also features a Color Camera. Wi-Fi connectivity is also a feature which allows you to Log onto your wireless Internet Camera from a computer anywhere in the world for remote viewing and monitoring.  Do you need an audio option with this unit? With a signed audio waiver SCS can provide that option.

Spy Camera Specialist take pride in their work and the people and places their systems protect.

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