Spy Camera Terms

Technical terms associated with spy cameras can be confusing.  By knowing the basic terms and their simple definitions can make choosing the right spy camera for you much easier.

***Micro SD – A Micro SD card different than a plain SD card is teeny, measuring just 15 X 11 X 1…millimeters, not inches. It is a portable memory source used in many electronics.

***CMOS – (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) economical low resolution imaging camera (200 TV lines ~ 300 TV lines) w/ extremely low power consumption.  As a rule, CMOS cameras are relatively inexpensive and have very good battery life.

***Recording Format – Refers to a format for encoding data for storage on a storage medium.

*** Kbps – When you see Kbps in connection with a spy camera, it is making reference to the data transfer speed. The higher the number or Kbps, the faster the transfer speed.

*** FPS – FPS stands for Frames Per Second and refers to the frame rate at which an imaging device (camera) will produce consecutive images.  For spy cameras, the lower the FPS, the poorer the quality of the picture.

*** Lux – This is a measure of light intensity.  Lux refers to the minimum amount of light necessary for the camera to take pictures. The lower the lux, the more sensitive the camera. 1 lux 1 candle

*** RCA – A type of electrical connector used to carry audio and video signals.

*** PAL/NTSC—This refers to two of the main television broadcast standards used around the world: PAL and NTSC. These are not interchangeable as they are incompatible, so PAL won’t work in a country using NTSC and vice versa. NTSC video tape format will play in all USA video players.

***Fixed Lens – A fixed focal length lens cannot zoom. The focus is fixed. A fixed focal length lens usually allows more light to pass through the lens at a given focal length than a varifocal, or zoom lens. This can be important in low light situations.

*** Plug and Play Connection – It is an RCA Video plug and a power plug on the camera for easy connection to VCR or TV. This is done by running the RCA (Aux) line into the VIDEO IN of the VCR or TV. The TV or VCR must be set on the correct channel to view the VIDEO IN picture.

*** DVR Card – DVR Cards enable the user to convert their computer into a Digital Video Recorder. The DVR Card(s) is typically installed in an available PCI slot of a computer.

*** DVR – Digital Video Recorder. A video recorder that stores video digitally on to its hard disk, no tape required.

*** CCTV Camera – Standard rectangular shape camera used for overt security. a/k/a: security camera.

*** CCD Camera – (Charged Coupled Device) imaging camera with high resolution over 380 TV lines in B/W and 330 TV lines in color.

These are just a few terms and simple definitions that should help you better understand your spy camera

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