Workers Caught Abusing Elderly On Spy Cam

On April 19 2012 NewsOK reported that when visiting their elderly relative at the Quail Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, an Oklahoma City family noticed things missing and was convinced something was not right.  Concerned, they placed a spy cam in her room so they could see what was happening when they were not around.

The Spy cam captured video of a horrible scene.  Two employees were forcibly manhandling their loved one.

Lucy Waithira Gakunga, 23, and Caroline Kaseke, 28, are the two employees accused of the abuse and were then fired from Quail Creek and turned over to law enforcement.

Amanda Penrod the administrator of Quail Creek made a statement saying ‘as stewards of our residents’ well-being, we share in the community’s outrage over these inhumane acts.  These recent acts were individual in nature and not representative of the other 116 employees of Quail Creek who come to work every day with integrity.  We also are working closely and cooperating with local authorities to handle this most unfortunate situation.’

The video footage from the spy cam was handed over to law enforcement which allegedly shows Gakunga cramming latex gloves into the elderly patient’s mouth while Kaseke watches and in another instance shows Gakunga lifting the elderly patient into her bed and then shoving the side of the patients face until she laid down.

The home conducted their own investigation after the family showed the tape to the home of 92 residents and in a statement, Quail Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center condemned the actions of two employees accused of abusing an elderly patient and said the nursing home is assisting police.

Monday, both women were arrested for neglect by caretaker.

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